Goose Creek, SC

No place on earth can match the unique natural, residential & historic blend found here...

Where small town charm meets natural beauty.

Goose Creek, SC although only theories exist as to the source of the naming of this small city, 30,000 residents love to call Goose Creek, SC home! Located in Berkeley County between Moncks Corner and North Charleston the city has overcome many hardships in past eras due to war and subsequent changes to the economy; however Goose Creek, SC has maintained their ever present small town charm surrounded by big city character.

From the Native Americans to the early settlers, Goose Creek, SC has struggles for an identity separate from its neighboring Lowcountry. Plantations, however, were the source which Goose Creek, SC thrived upon much like that of its sister city, Charleston, SC. Many prestigious stable neighborhoods in which residents reside today were once established rice or indigo plantations such as Crowfield, Liberty Hall, Yeamans Hall, and Black River. The city remained plantations until the 1960's when the plantations were disbursed to make room for more housing to accommodate the booming population. A survey from 1969 stated Goose Creek, SC as the fastest growing area in the US. Ill-prepared for such growth caused many problems for Goose Creek, SC. The new city established in 1961 faced many obstacles to overcome if the city had any chance of flourishing. "For the money no place on earth can match the unique natural, residential and historic blend found in Goose Creek, SC."
Mayor Heitzler
The answer to this city's prayer was a young Goose Creek high school teacher Michael J. Heitzler. Mr. Heitzler quickly realized, the city was growing quickly with almost no infrastructure for water, sewer, roads and regulations. Mayor Heitzler brought many re-organizational skills to the city of Goose Creek, SC and has proudly served since 1976. "There are certainly more beautiful convenient exciting places to live- but for the money no place on earth can match the unique natural, residential and historic blend found in Goose Creek, SC, say Mayor Heitzler. Whether the name came from the bending creeks extending from the Cooper River or the abundance of geese flocking to the water throughout Goose Creek, SC, this city certainly has natural resiliency. In 1986, through a master trail campaign, Heitzler envisioned trails that would link the city of Goose Creek, SC for the enjoyment and safety of all its residents. With new community centers and comprehensive recreation programs, not only improved everyone's lifestyle, but also provided strong economic stimuli to support a place for people to work, live & play, says the Mayor. Goose Creek, SC a resilient small town atmosphere with a strong sense of development. Goose Creek, SC through its plentiful history and dedicated residents to its supportive mayor, has seen it all and grown through all unforeseen obstacles. Goose Creek, SC is a small town worth miles more than it's small mark on the map. Goose Creek, SC with its resilient economy and natural beauty make it the center of small town charm in South Carolina.

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